Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013

Happy new year! I have just been having the absolute most chilled out two weeks on record with my family in Germany. We had my Grandpa visit from France for a few days over Christmas. Santa was nice as usual :) and then we went to the mountains of Garmisch for 3 days and did some hiking, eating, and playing in the snow. Reading, embroidery (or embroidz as I like to say, on account of how street I am), and chai tea all came to play. 

*All photos that look like they were taken with a camera that isn't also a phone, are from my delightful photographer Schwester. Unless she's in them too, in which case from my delighter photographer dad. 

The tree I fashioned in my apartment in Edinburgh for pre-Christmas with Chris.

Maddie brought Christmas crackers over from England because why not. 

Here we are learning (again) about the Latin names for allllll the plants. :)

But, alas, now the holidays are over and it's time to put my big girl panties on, and get a big girl job. The pizza truck I was gushing about in this post was fun while it lasted, but sadly it has ceased to exist. I believe things happen for a reason, though, and it was great as a post-graduation job while I was getting my CELTA and adjusting to life 'on the outside'. Now it's a new and exciting year, and I'm ready for some new and exciting things! So please keep your fingers crossed for me. :) 



Kelly's Korner said...

Glad you got to spend Christmas with your folks! I wish you the best ever 2014!!

Jennifer said...

So what is in your future?? Stay in Scotland? What are you looking at?? Your Christmas vacation looked like a happy one. Happy New Year other Jenny!

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