Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hilarious (If I Do Say So Myself) Handmade Dog Ornaments

For the first two weeks in December Chris and I flew over to Baltimore to visit my aunts (this was my birthduation present from them). They spoiled us for two whole weeks and one day and I basically had the time of my life. And I do have lots of incredible pictures from the trip, but I think to start things off, I'll share the tree ornaments I made of their dogs as gifts. Now, let's just get one thing straight here. Everyone, yes EVERYONE, wants their pet on their tree. Don't even try to pretend otherwise. So with that said, I present the plush, festive versions of Sophie and Riley.

Here are the very simple steps: 
1. Edit photos of pet (or whatever) to your specifications. I was very pleased to find Tarisa already had fish-eye versions of her pups on facebook so I didn't have to alter them much. I just turned them b&w and increased the contrast. Make sure to flip them vertically so they come out right in the next step (i.e. so they're not reversed when you iron them on).
2. Print photos onto iron-on transfer paper.
3. Iron photos onto solid white fabric according to transfer paper manufacturer's instructions.
4. Embroider whatever fancy details you desire. I went with girly eyelashes and a sophisticated mustache, but obviously, not all pets are this classy. Only you know your pets. Use your best discretion. :)
5. Decide and prepare how you want to hang the ornament. I braided together some embroidery floss, but you can also use ribbon, string, whatever you want. 
6. Trace a circle around the dog's face, about 1/2 inch larger in radius than you want the final ornament to be. Don't forget, the finished product will be smaller than you think as it puffs out and becomes more 3D with stuffing.
7. Cut around this, and cut the same size circle out of plain solid fabric (for the backing). Place both circles right sides together with the hanging ribbon sandwiched between these layers starting at what will be the top point of the ornament, and facing inwards (so you can only see the open end sticking out on top).
8. Sew around the edges, leaving roughly 1/4 seam allowance and making sure to sew the ribbon securely. Leave around 1.5 inches unsewn at the bottom.
9. Stuff the ornament in on itself through the hole (so the right sides are facing out. Fill with polyfil, and hand sew the opening shut. Dun-zo!



Anonymous said...

brilliant and most awesomely awesome! Riley has been inspired to started growing out a tiny 'stache. Everyone who has seen the pics thinks they're brilliant and that you could sell a ton of them!

Kelly's Korner said...

Very cute!

pearlswirl said...

Thanks ladies! Tarisa, if I can convince even just one dog to grow a 'stache, then my work has made a difference ;)

Jennifer said...

really really cute and i know my sister would love these...

being taken with a fisheye is perfect so maybe next time I'm at my sister's I'll take a photo or Romeo and Lilly (both kitties) with my fisheye.

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