Friday, November 1, 2013

Squishy Camera Plush

I got an inspired idea months ago while at a catering shift: I was tying cute floral ribbons to the back of 300 chairs for a wedding reception and my mind started to wander ... how cute is this floral ribbon ... I wish I was sewing right now ... making something fun and girly ... what would I make? ... oh, maybe a little camera ornament... then I spent the rest of that shift in a kind of trance and I have to admit I wasn't very social because I was dreaming up this little idea. You know how the mind works, one minute you're chatting away at work, the next you're being award the Nobel Craft Prize for Creation of the Year. Standard.
I wanted to make a prototype before anything else (by which I mean, as soon as I got home from work), and since I was making a big present to send to Katelyn, I decided to just turn my first camera into a little mini present for her. So Katelyn, if you're reading, this is part of your present but I'm keeping the other part secret until you get it. And I really can't say when that will be. Sorry not sorry. ;)
As you can see, I added a photo of us on the back for the screen, like on this pillow. However, I used a different technique to get the photo this time; I used gel medium to transfer from regular printer paper straight to fabric. I followed this technique from A Beautiful Mess, but it took me several tries to get it right. It's really hard not to over peel the paper, which results in a very 'watery' looking photo. If you can master it, it's much cheaper and more convenient in the long run (though it does require 24 hours to set and dry, so not suitable for last-minute crafters!). 
I'm super happy with it! The lens is handsewn to the body, and the final side (bottom front) was hand-stitched after I stuffed it with polyfill, but all other stitching is done by machine. It's intended to be a Christmas tree / doorknob / anything ornament. I am sure Katelyn can find something to do with it! 
What do you think? Can you think of any ways to improve it, esthetically or otherwise? I'm open to any suggestions or ideas. 



Katelyn R. said...

Cute! Okay, you may go ahead and send it now.... And I love the fabrics! And you should hurry up with the other thing too, or at least give me a hint.

Corinnea said...

It's very, very cute and looks great from here.

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