Tuesday, October 29, 2013


WHOOOOOOSH. Hello! I'm not even sure I've EVER left my blog unattended for this long. I couldn't even remember what font I normally use to update this thing. I know what you're thinking, 'Woah, that girl must have had lots going on in her life to neglect a blog that has a regular readership of approximately 6-15 people in its busiest periods.' Well, you're right, of course, dear reader. I have had lots going on. 


We'll start from the start. I'm now a qualified EFL teacher! I took an intensive Cambridge course (the CELTA) at the end of the summer and I'm happy to say I came out the other end alive... and certified! It was a very heavy 4 weeks but I thoroughly enjoyed it and getting to meet new people, both the other teacher trainees and the EFL students we taught as part of the assessment. Plus, if I'm honest, saying things like, 'Trust me, guys. I'm a qualified English teacher', has not gotten old yet. :) So that sucked up basically alllll of my time in September. 

When language nerds get together for a coffee morning...

Then a bunch of other stuff happened. The amazing Lisa came to visit for a couple weeks [and in true Lisa fashion, greeted us at the door every evening with an open bottle of red and often also a cake]. I made some things. Saw some things [including a giant minion]. Went to stay with Chris's family in Aberdeenshire. I'll just let these photos speak for themselves. I used to spend lots of time formatting all my photos so they were the same size and everything looked perfect, but I've come to realize that a) it's a huge hassle and b) readership of 6-15, so please forgive these if they're haphazard. 

Giant minion, Sunny stroll through Edinburgh.
A glorious vintage fair!
We celebrated Chris's birthday in style, and I don't care if it's tacky to love your own creations, this card kills me every time. :)
Homemade sushi is the best! And Mara wins a prestigious law award! 
While at Chris's family home, I got to meet Toby, aka the Tobster, aka the cutest fluffball in the world. 
The weather was unseasonably gorgeous while Lisa was here so we took advantage and walked the glorious Arthur's Seat, aka Reason #23284384 why Edinburgh trumps nearly every other city.
How you so wise, Scrabble tiles???
I'd say this firmly slid Lisa into first place in the houseguest awards. 
More beautiful Edinburgh, and a cute little handmade shop we stumbled across.
And no update would be complete without mentioning that we had to say goodbye to this little fuzzface, whose kidneys were very sick. :'( She was the cutest little kitty in the world and she will never be forgotten. We love you Mango. I hope you've found a nice human's pillow in kitty heaven on which to perpetually rub your butt. 


That's definitely not everything that's happened but it's a nice little cross section. There's a lot lot more to come on the crafty front; I have several completed projects and exciting things to share next! Also, I signed up to instagram; it's jennyholb and it's mostly just craft photos. Who's shocked. #NoLongerAHashtagVirgin.



Kelly's Korner said...

Proudly continuing to be one of those 6-15! I'm very glad you are doing so well!

Corinnea said...

Ditto what Kelly said. Congrats on being a completely qualified English nerd! Try not to let the rest if us know how uncivilized we are...

Jennifer said...

wow. how did I miss this post? HOW?? I suspect you posted two too close together. Anyway, I am sooooo happy for you and excited for your job. A proper job! Meaning you went to school for it. Have we been properly introduced to the boyfriend? I LOVE the card. and in that picture of you and the boyfriend, you look gorgeous!! Can't believe I missed this post...

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