Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Cycle of Loveliness

I'm not ashamed to admit I was indulging in a wee bit of royal baby fever while making this top. I had the live coverage of Prince George being brought home from the hospital going on my laptop in the background and now this shirt is infused with royal excitement and goodness. That's why I'm so happy: 
Well, also because of how much I love this top really. A new royal baby and a new bias-cut top combine, a happy Jenny to make. I got this fabric from my mom's stash at home over Christmas; I believe my grandma had used it to make some clothes for me as a baby, and the Singer machine that I have now used to belong to that wonderful sweet lady. So, that's what I call the Cycle of Loveliness. Something about babies, re-using stuff, and all things old being new again.

This top is essentially the same thing as this one, this one and this one. Some would call this boring/lazy. Well screw them! This design is perfect and you know it. ;) It's comfy, easy, and [best of all] does not require the sewing-on of any sleeves. What do you think: lazy and dull or genius and inspired? I have worn it a probably-inappropriate amount of times already (remember, the wee royal babe is not that old), but that's nobody's business, really.

As usual, there is so very much going on in this neck of the woods, as I've willingly entered into what will be a 24-day stretch of working every.single.day. But such is life.

P.S. crafty friends, I finally bit the bullet and joined pinterest. And, as usual, I'm blissfully unaware of what's going on in the protocol department. Is it ok to pin lots of things that I've made myself? Is that tacky? Do I follow boards? Or individual people? Or categories? Do people become 'friends'? What to dooooo?



Katelyn R. said...

That fabric is darling! And no the top will never go old. And pinterest is an everything goes type of place as long as we are pinterest friends!

Jennifer said...

love the top and that print is adorable!
as for pinterest:
1. make a board of stuff you've made title it "pearlswirl, made by me" or something like that. I had this same worry about pinning my own stuff but now I don't care. lots of people do it. LOTS OF PEOPLE.
2. follow INDIVIDUAL boards. What I mean by that is I only follow the boards I'm interested in by a person. IF you have a travel board I wont' follow it. My pinterest is for crafting inspiration mostly not travel or fitness for example. If you just follow every board by each person you'll get all kinds of stuff in your feed that might not interest you. make sense?

3. you can follow who ever you want and people can follow you. you can follow all their boards or just one. same for people following you. The best way to start out finding stuff is see what your friends are pinning. Pinning one thing will show you other examples of stuff you might like and then you're off in pinterest land and next thing you know hours will have gone by.

*you can find friends in the "find friends" drop down thingy under your name. Then decide if you want to follow any of their boards.I have had friends a little miffed I am not following all their boards. But really, I don't want to see motivational fitness posters or school ideas for a 7th grader! some people don't want to see my love of crude sayings:) and I'm ok with that!

Corinnea said...

When something is cute, make as many as you want!
As for Pinterest, what Jennifer said.

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