Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Meal for the Financially-Challenged

Helloooooooo! Woah, things have happened in the last two months. Many things. Travel things, graduation things, etc.

Which brings me to the title of this post. In the days of yore, I would have entitled it, 'Student Food that Tastes Like Real Food'. But, alas, a student I am no longer (sniff). So, this student-friendly, but also graduate-friendly, meal is what I'm choosing to finally break my silence with. A strange choice, perhaps, but you can't rush blogging mojo. What can I say, I made this rice.. and I was ready to come back. 

It was directly inspired by the great Tarisa, my fabulous aunt who was just in town last week for my graduation and who a) put the idea of egg-fried rice in my head and b) left me with 6 containers of cooked basmati rice. What else was I to do??
I gathered up all the essentials:

* Half a takeaway container of pre-cooked, frozen then thawed, Basmati rice (it will take me a looooong time to get through all my rice at this rate!)
* 1 cup frozen veggies
* Half an onion 
* Half a sweet pepper 
* One egg
* Soy sauce
* Pinch of cumin
* A quarter cube of vegetable stock

 Saute chopped onion, chopped pepper and frozen veggies in oil; add in rice and leave for a couple minutes on medium heat. Crumble the stock cube into the rice for instant FLAVAH. Break the egg into a bowl and whisk it. Push the rice to one side of the pan and pour the egg into the other side. As it starts to cook, scramble it up with a spoon and mix it in with the rice. Add cumin and soy sauce to taste. YUM YUM.

 And there you have it... the first meal I actually cooked myself since graduating a week ago! Now that the celebratory restaurant meals and takeaways with friends and family (and subsequent leftovers) have subsided, it's time to get creative again. 

I have loadsssss to share, and now I've got my mojo back, so I'll be sharing photos and stories from my travels and other interesting whatnots! :) Huzzah!



Anonymous said...

huzzah, indeed! I only wish I was there to share some of the deliciousness - we could have gotten rid of another half-container of rice.

Jennifer said...

I want to know what you're doing now! Are you back home and working at the store? So exciting to be done with school! But probably sad to leave Scotland? Or will you stay?

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