Friday, May 3, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Last week, 4 friends and I went hiking in the Pentlands, a beautiful hill/baby mountain range that starts just on the edge of Edinburgh. I am such a city girl but sometimes it is so nice to get out into the fresh wild air. Although admittedly, we were overlooking the city the whole time, but if we turned the other way we got the view above, of the Firth of Forth in all its natural glory. Thanks to Lisa [wearing the red hat] for most of these pictures! :)

 The wind was fierce. When we started off, the sky was grey and it was drizzling a bit. And from that point onwards, each chunk of 10 minutes alternated between crazy rainstorming and sunny blue skies. It was insane! But it did make for the most magical double rainbows. Honestly, almost getting wind-blown off the top of a mountain and nearly plummeting to our deaths was worth it for the rainbows. We felt like this man.

 The picture above is of me taking the picture below.
I'd like to say the wind did that to my face, but...

 And on the way down we found a herd of hairy highland cows [coos] and some chickens. I love Scotland and I never want to leave.


Kelly's Korner said...

Beautiful Jenny!

Corinnea said...

That's gorgeous! I love, love the shaggy cows. There are/were some at the Katzenbergerhof behind Patch.

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