Friday, May 10, 2013

Dressing Your Computer in Style

I volunteered to make a laptop case for my boyfriend's new laptop a month ago, thinking I could just keep things simple. But I should have known better shouldn't I, because I can never keep things simple when it's a gift for someone. I started thinking about all his interests and wanted to make something that reflected him but that's also practical. I finally settled on essentially making a dress shirt for his computer, since he's almost always in a stripey button-down. I got this XL one at a thrift shop! It was a little annoying to work with since it was a high-quality 'anti-wrinkle' fabric, which is great in a shirt but not great in a fabric you're trying to sew with! Ah well, you live and learn. I just the front and back panels from the front and back of the shirt, respectively, and turned them into a casing with a quilt-batting lining. Like the one I made for myself, the flap just slides into the front to stay closed. It's the same pattern or design I used for that one too, just turned portrait instead of landscape. I contemplated making a sort of tutorial/pattern for it, but got intimidated because a) I don't know how to and b) I don't want to take myself too seriously when there are already a bajillion free patterns out there made by people who know what they're doing and who do I think I am anyways?! But I still might make one, since I like this design and it would be nice to have a formula if I ever want to make it again or pass it onto a friend. I just don't know..

The shirt I started with didn't have any pockets so I made one, so he can hold a little USB stick or notes or something. I considered adding a collar, since I think it kind of looks like a nightgown, but that would just not be practical or easy. It was recently brought to my attention that I miiiight spend a bit too much time and effort on the personalized gifts I make, like the personalized pillows. So I tried to keep it a bit simpler. :) I think he likes it! It's being modeled by my laptop in these photos, but his computer is bigger so the fit is better and more snug on his!

I'm currently in London staying with my sister for a couple days, so I'll soon have some photos to share from lovely London in the spring! :)



Kelly's Korner said...

This is clever! Why not write a tutorial? You won't get good at them if you don't start, right?

Megan said...

Hahaha, cute!!!

Also sometimes I think tutorials from people who 'don't know what they're doing' are extra helpful for other people who actually don't know what they're doing, because you always mention the little details that more experienced tutorial-writers assume the readers will know.

P.S. You're lovely.

Corinnea said...

Nice! I absolutely agree with Kelly and Megan. You should make a tutorial! Like you said, at the least it is a guideline for you personally to remake. Can't tell you how many times I've regretted not writing things down.... At the most you inspire someone to make themselves.

Who do you think you are??? Have you forgotten? You're Jenny and you're awesome!

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