Wednesday, April 17, 2013

These Are Easy + Addictive

Here's a new tee shirt refashion I made, the same way as this one. It's amazing how a £1 tee from a charity shop can so easily and quickly be transformed into a snug and comfy top with just a few lines of strategic stitching. One of the best things about using second-hand clothes is that they're all extremely soft from having been repeatedly washed and you don't have to worry about any shrinking or color bleeding [although it goes without saying I always wash and tumble dry everything before use, so it smells like all my other clothes before I've even put it on.. I mean come on. I may love a good deal but I'm not a hobo]. I know some people just can't get into second-hand and while I do appreciate that fact, I personally adore the knowledge that you're getting something for so little money that gives you the opportunity to craft without using virgin materials. Win-win-win. AND the money you spent goes to charity. Win. AND your new design is entirely original. Win. That's 5 wins for those not keeping count. 

And I also want to show off the gorgeous fabric basket I won from Kelly in the group giveaway we did last month. Thanks Kelly! :) :) :) I love it!



Kelly's Korner said...

The tshirt is very cute! Haven has been buying thrift store shirts to cut up too. I need to photograph them. I can't believe you got that bucket on your head! Either it's bigger than I remember or you have a tiny head! Haha! :)

Jennifer said...

another adorable redo!! really really cute. It was a little hideous it's so cute with the longer sleeve and boat neck. Really awesome job jenny.

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