Monday, April 29, 2013

Just A Tad Royal

I'm hoping that what I lack in photography skill and equipment, I make up for with the cool lighting effects in my apartment, made possible by the bright and beautiful sunshine that gave actual springtime a run for its money today. Yeehaw!

So anyways. The whole point of this post is, look at the top I made! I got some beautiful red and gold lace the other day with a top like this in mind. The flowers have a golden sheen to them, which, in my opinion, makes me look like somewhat of a royal. I could totes be 49th in line to the throne in these regal duds. I'm just sayin... watch your back Countess Lady Baroness Duke-Smithington of the Shire. 

Look at those golden rays of sunshine!

It's just a front and back panel that I trimmed with cream colored bias binding for a bit of contrast. I love love love love love love love this top thrown over either a tank top and skirt like here [that skirt was one of my best ever clothing investments] or just with black jeans. You know, for when I need those around me to know and fear my exotic royal status. Which, trust me, is all the time. 



Kelly's Korner said...

It's beautiful!,,,r

Kelly's Korner said...

Um.. Not sure what the weird punctuation marks are at the end of my comment... Lol

Corinnea said...

Look at you. You're all, "I just had this idea and whipped out this very cute top."
Nicely done!
Love that sunshine.

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