Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pity Party + A Bowl

 Hello! I won't pretend this is super exciting news to anyone, but I think I'll most likely be blocking these last few weeks out of my memory at the end of April so it will be nice to have a record to look back on to see where the time went! haha.. So without further ado: I have an essay due in 5 days, my dissertation due in 11, and another essay due 13 days after that. The library is my primary residence. My bank balance is dangerously low. It has been blindingly cold, windy and snowy for the last week. Aaaaand I have tonsillitis. (Although it's getting better.)

BUT! It's not all grim, as you can see I am enjoying some chicken noodle soup which my sister sent to me in an adorable get-well-soon care package that also included a cute mug, some tea, some candy, a craft notebook, and more. She is quite literally the best sister (/person) in the world. :)

 AND this is the bowl I painted last week at a friend's society fundraiser. I literally came home from painting it and 45 minutes later my matching mug broke. :( :( :( If I were one to believe in signs [and of course I totally am] I would think the universe is trying to tell me something. But what?

So there you have it. Things like socializing, eating healthy, personal hygiene, and otherwise enjoying life are, unfortunately, luxuries that I cannot afford at this time. But soon enough I'll be free. And, being ever the optimist, I truly believe that in the nearish future I will be able to enjoy a 10 minute walk outside without getting snow down my back. So there's always that to look forward to.



Adrienne said...

Hang in there, Jenny. And look at your bowl. Things will look up. :)

Kelly's Korner said...

Oh no! Not the mug!!! Hopefully your bucket will reach you soon and brighten your day! I mailed it on Thursday.

Jennifer said...

oh man, tonsillitis?? And you're not showering?? When I lived at home and told my dad I was sick and couldn't go to school, he'd tell me to take a shower and see how I felt afterwards. Well, after a shower I did feel better so take a shower and you'll feel all better:) problem solved. I'm going to hire someone to do all that unpleasant stuff for you ok?

pearlswirl said...

Thanks you guys!

Kelly, I can't wait to see it!!!! :) It will brighten my day for sure.

No, Jennifer, I can maintain the minimum amount of cleanliness (ie daily showers), thank you very much! I just meant like doing my hair and such. Who do you think i am? A BOY? :)
Also I will be mailing your giveway stuff next week too, sorry it has been postponed due to my many life crises. :)

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