Sunday, February 10, 2013

Laptop Sleeve

Hello friends! Here is a laptop case I whipped up this weekend, partly to procrastinate, but mostly because I needed some serious craft therapy! I have been getting so frustrated and stressed over school stuff and not getting enough sleep. Plus, I have what seems to be a stress fracture in my foot [probably as a gradual result of my newfound love for running as well as being on my feet so much in bad shoes at work] and by now it has mostly immobilized me. Which I find less than thrilling. 

There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you NEED to sew something right now then realizing you have a genuine need for a new laptop case, plus all the supplies already in your stash!!! This floral fabric is from my forever ago trip to Munich with Katelyn and the fleece lining is leftover offcuts from the massive camera pillow so it was already interfaced and ready to go! And I decided to include a strip of my beloved 'i heart handmade' ribbon on the front as a design feature, instead of on the inside like a label. You might say I wear my handmade heart on my laptop sleeve. ;) I didn't use a pattern or tutorial because that's just not how I roll. Much to my surprise everything worked exactly the way it was supposed to the first time around [usually also not how I roll]. I started sewing at 5 pm and finished at 10 pm and in between I went to a friend's house and the store. SUCCESS.

OK, time for me to close my computer and stick it back into its cozy case so I can once again have the pleasure of removing it from its case before I reopen it and attempt to read some journal articles on it.



Kelly's Korner said...

Very nice! Does it have a closure, or does it just stay shut? I can't tell from the photo. Sorry abut your foot! Take care!

Megan said...

'Just whipped up this laptop sleeve to procrastinate, nbd'.

And your blog is my crafty heroin.

I hope your foot heals quickly and your stress bubbles down to a gentle simmer.

pearlswirl said...

Thank you thank you! Kelly, I meant to write in the post: I did buy some sew-on velcro that I was planning to attach to the edge of the little flap, but then I remembered how unpleasant velcro is and because the flap sits down perfectly without flipping up, i decided it wasn't necessary, at least for now. I'll see how i get by without it and i can always add it later if i have to!

Katelyn R. said...

I love it! And I loved our Munich adventure which turned into hitting up every single craft shop in existence there. That is so cool that you didn't use a pattern. I can't believe you are already in your last year of school! I think you should write me and tell me everything new in your life!

Yash... said...

Wonderful pun set up for "heart on your sleeve"! :-)

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