Sunday, January 27, 2013

Recent Handmade Gifts

Hello bloggity-blog! So far I've been mostly managing to use my time in the new year productively. The breakdown looks roughly like this: 

So I'd say all things are pretty much as they should be.


 Pictured above is a random assortment of recent gifts I've made for people, that I never got around to showing before. 

First is the Christmas tree ornament/decoration/car scenter I embroidered and sewed for my Grandma. It's 2 embroidered pieces of wool felt stitched together and filled with a smorgasbord of polyfil, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and pot-pourri orange rinds. In my personal opinion, it smells like heaven! 

Next is a cheeky little rug I made for my sister. It's black fabric paint that I used to paint a design onto a fuzzy bathroom mat. Now, a disclaimer: I fully copied this design from an Urban Outfitters rug that we saw together in London. I don't even feel bad about this, because of things like this. [For those who can't be bothered to click through, it's an article talking about how everyone's beloved UO appears to be stealing designs from independent etsy sellers and mass producing them, even using the original etsy item's name. Not cool at all.] Just to be clear, I would never ever copy someone else's design and then sell it to make a profit. The only reason I feel justified is that I made it as a personal-use gift for my sister, and I made only one. Plus mine is cuter.

Then the last one is a little wooden tea-candle holder I decoupaged for my roommate's birthday the other day. I love the spicy color combination, and the candles smell like winter berry. If you remember the FRIENDS episode where Ross is ordering a pink shirt over the phone that is 'winterberry' color, that's how I pronounce the smell of these candles. :)

Had you heard about the Urban Outfitters thing before? Do you know any other companies that have been accused of doing this? It makes me angry and saaaaaaaaaaad.



Kelly's Korner said...

Lovely handmades! I have heard about the big companies using small bloggers and sellers' ideas. It is sad. Recently a blogger I follow had an idea stolen and published in a major women's magazine. She contacted them and they fixed it. A long while back Walmart had knock off fabric. I can't remember which line it was but it was the final Walmart straw. I haven't set for in Walmart since. I am very very pro crafter and small business!

Jennifer said...

I mustache you a is the bath mat holding up? I love this idea! Love all your little crafty projects.

pearlswirl said...

Ugh Kelly, I always knew I hated walmart! that's shameful! And Jennifer, it's technically a bathmat but she is using it as a rug next to her bed, so it never gets wet or anything. I think it's holding up fine! Otherwise she would have complained...

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