Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year, and Reassessing Time Management

Happy New Year! I've been using my break time wisely and have loads of new pieces to be listed in the shop, which will reopen on Monday 14 January.
I've had a new wave of inspiration and motivation as regards the shop. I'm interested in simpler designs, like this series of dainty necklaces above, and brighter, less distracting photography. I'm excited for all the new designs, some of which have been made and others of which are still inside my head. I love them all. I've got New Years mojo

 Naturally, this period of motivation coincides perfectly with the start of the hardest and most important semester of all, that mother of all semesters. The final, dissertation-writing one. Duhn duhn duhhhhnnnnnn. One would think I would be inclined to dedicate all my spare time to reading, writing, and otherwise suffering in the name of linguistics, but I've decided that's just not how I want to remember the last part of my last year at university, so I'm adopting a different attitude! So, while I'm sure the 6 months ahead will be very very hard and more stressful than ever, I am determined to cut out the unnecessary time-wasting activities like watching so much TV and spending too much time online [yes, I'm including reading all my beloved craft blogs here too..] so I can devote all the time I need to getting the best degree possible, and still have time leftover for the things--and people--I love most. :) That might mean less frequent blog posting than in the past, although the last couple months have already hinted at this. For which I would like to apologize to Tarisa, my one confirmed follower. :) But it doesn't mean I'll stop posting altogether! I'm considering it as a bit of a new year's cleansing. Applying the same clean, fresh attitude to everything across the board, from the new jewelry photography to my new quality-first time management.

Having said that, I am still on vacation for another week so I'll continue making and photographing jewelry like a maniac, and write a couple posts for January to keep things interesting! 

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, Tarisa. :) Happy New Year! 



Tarisa said...

LOL! I'll treasure them even more...and secretly hope, that like all New Year plans, your best intentions will slowly fade away. Except, that I think your plan is a good one. darn. I'm torn. Enjoy the rest of your time off!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe you'll be graduating from college! It seems like yesterday you went away and left us at the craft shop:( I like your plan to make this the best last 6 months there and in Scotland?? or will you stay and marry a feisty scottish hunk?:)

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