Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Only A Thousand Days Late..

 ... but here it is anyways:
Happy Thanksgiving!
 In my mind, this was yesterday, and the 24-hour period between then and now was basically one extended library session.* However, my calendar informs me that this is sadly not the case, and that 19 days have in fact passed since that oh so delightful day. Looking back on these pictures makes me so happy! They were so kindly posted on facebook by my friends because things were waaay too chaotic for me to be taking pictures on the day. We roasted a turkey and cooked for 25 people, 0 of whom we poisoned! Yay! And others brought some seriously amazing food along as well. Ahhh I love Thanksgiving. Everybody getting together to bask in the holiday spirit, eat delicious food, say what we're thankful for, tell stories, drink lots of wine, listen to Christmas music, and generally be merry. Lots of people I care about in my living room being happy is basically my idea of bliss. I think Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday. Until Christmas. 

* I exaggerate greatly for sympathy effect, since in actuality there has been a fair amount of Christmas market, mulled wine, Christmas crafting, and generally happy happy times. but also a lot of the library.

I'm posting this 25% to keep my blog up-to-date and 75% to distract myself from studying and writing papers. Which means that, in all likelihood, on exam day, this will be me: 



Katelyn R. said...

You are adorable! Wish I could have spent Thanksgiving with you.

Kelly's Korner said...

Happy thanksgiving! ;) I never got any pictures posted so you're doing much better than me! Are you on instagram?

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