Monday, November 5, 2012

The Week In Photos

 Ahhhh, this past week was crazy! It started and ended with Halloween parties, and featured all-night library sessions, 13-hour wedding shifts, and a bit of therapeutic baking in between. Woah, it's been intense.
 Some friends had an epic Halloween party and my roommate and a friend and I went as 3 absinthe fairies [to enhance the effect that we are a hallucination!]. If you don't know what absinthe fairies are you are missing out! They are the embodiment of the creative hallucinations that artists would have while drinking the strong green spirit of absinthe and making masterpieces. They're a key symbol of the turn-of-the-century Paris bohemian lifestyle, and absinthe itself is often called the Green Fairy. [If you have seen Moulin Rouge-and of course you have, this is Kylie Minogue]. This is my absolute favorite historical time period.. I was a can-can dancer a couple Halloweens ago!! We handmade our wings using this tutorial and had so much fun putting together our costumes!

 I mailed off an etsy order, which got me thinking about the upcoming holiday season and how I must prepare!! Look out for lots of new designs in the shop in the next few weeks!
I turned in one of my papers on Wednesday [Halloween- thanks for that deadline!] and celebrated with an extra strong coffee to keep me up for the next paper...
 I baked these apple-cinnamon scones for the annual Create Soc pumpkin carving and pumpkin-soup making party, which was so good!
I carved my first pumpkin in years too! [In the past I was either helping with the cooking or not there.] 
I realized that my infinite quest to make life beautiful has even carried over to my unconscious choice of mug, highlighter and sleepwear.

I finished my set of felt coasters [and also kept my absinthe fairy nails all week as a reminder that sometimes life can be fun, even when it's 2:30 am and you're in the library and want to cry from frustration but you're just too tired.
Went to a Rocky Horror Picture Show party at my old roommates' [I'm one of the aliens at the end.. really it was just one of those 'any-excuse-to-wear-a-pink-wig-and-fake-green-eyelashes' costumes].

Aaaandddd... I worked food and bar service at Dundas Castle at the wedding of James Buckley from the Inbetweeners TV show and movie [huge in Britain]! The whole cast was there plus some other tv personalities including Danny Dyer; it was kind of surreal to be making drinks for these guys at the bar and taking their card payments! :) [Please note, I did NOT take the above photo, it was taken and tweeted by an attending guest and is publicly viewable here.]

So that sums up my crazy week! Hopefully I can be a little more regular about blogging for the next little while since my workload has slowed a bit...


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Kelly's Korner said...

How fun!!! I would have been a wreck to end up at a party with Brit tv actors! Although I don't know that particular show...

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