Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hello! Sorry about my little blog absence last week; I was in London for a long weekend! This long weekend was not declared by any higher governing body or obscure holiday, but rather by myself, because a couple weeks ago I found super cheap flights, I have no class on Friday or Monday, and most importantly, I desperately needed to take the following pictures: 

Since last year, my sister has moved into a cute little house with some friends, and even though they're a lot further out of the center than they were before, it's still freakin' London. And that's that.
 So stupid, but we laughed so hard at this t-shirt i almost peed.
I rekindled my romance with Chipotle [which we don't have in Edinburgh] in a slightly more dignified manner than before, shopped like a pro on Oxford Street and surroundings, ate fresh sushi to go in the park... 

...things like this kept prompting me to say 'I'm so London', except that a) if you have to tell people you're 'London', you're probably not, and b) I kept getting trampled at the entrance to the Tube because i didn't get my oyster card out in advance, and c) I just never really figured out how to not be awkward.

Case in point: trying to climb up onto Nelson's Column while dozens of passersby and column-sitters snicker at my struggle. But if you think getting up was a struggle, I won't tell you how scared [or gazelle-like] I was jumping back down... [Incidentally, I happen to be wearing the cat bandit sweater here from this post. I kind of broke down and ordered us matching ones. Too much?]

Not pictured:
* A party with full 80's kitsch theme [hello, side pony and leg-warmers combo. I see why we never met before]
* Cinnabon-eating on Piccadilly Circus at 1 am
* Getting to watch Mad waittressing at her diner while we sat at the bar waiting for her shift to finish... it was surreal to see my wee sister supplying people with chili fries and milkshakes. She is a hero, bringing the people what they need. Like a doctor or a diner saint.
* Seeing The Perks Of Being A Wallflower: this was such an incredible incredible movie. Despite my tendency to cry bi-weekly, I hardly ever tear up at movies. They just don't get me like real life does. But this movie, it made me cry. Incredible. I so badly want to read the book now. Also, the experience was heightened by the stress of sneaking illegal open Ben and Jerry's cups into the theater in our bags.

I hope your weekends, long or regular, were equally enjoyable!



Jennifer said...

sounds fun! I love that place. I'm so happy you get to spend time with your sister! You can say your so London but if you do the accent seriously then we can't be friends.

pearlswirl said...

Ha! Deal. I would never, i don't take myself that seriously! :)

Kelly's Korner said...

Nice weekend! So glad you guys can get together! Hi Maddie!

Darla Dear said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend!! And I want to see perks soooo badly!

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