Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Poem Just For You (& Some Favorites)

 When life gives you ills and chills...

Turn yourself into a quilt mountain for instant thrills



It's been a long while since I posted any of my current etsy and other internet favorites so here's a little feature of the autumn lovelies I'm currently dreaming about...
Love the look of these mixed metals (Necklace from Love, Mia)

I NEED to focus on keeping this message from inkpopstudio in mind!

Is this beautiful sweater from The Knit Kid not the coziest thing you've ever seen?!

Sooooo pretty and delicate! (Ring from Kate Szabone)

WAHAAAA! Killing me. (Cat Sweater from Topshop)
 One of the most beautiful and original lockets (from Verabel

I have a couple parties coming up and would love to turn up wearing this gorgeous dress from Ruche!

I kind of wish somebody else could share in the pain of listening to the neanderthals who live below me, watching some kind of match. Every once in a while there's a unison of 'wwwhhhaaaaa' or 'eeeuuuughhhh' but it's impossible to discern joy or sadness. I'd like to give them a celebratory/conciliatory floor knock but i don't know if it would be appropriate..



Megan said...

You're the cutest. Mwuah!

Anonymous said...

... Quanta tenerezza !!!!

Darla Dear said...

haha, love the poem. It's been rainy here, so all I've been wanting to do is become a quilt mountain everyday.

...I almost typed quilt monster before I looked back at what you wrote. lol

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