Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Little Lampshades

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with fairy lights, no matter the season. But there is just something especially cozy about twinkly lights in the fall. And here in Edinburgh we are in full-blown autumn mode. It looks like this outside my window right now. So... fairy lights, candles, and cinnamon coffee it is!

What you see here is our week 1 craft for Create Society: plastic cups with tiny slits decoupaged with tissue paper, and slipped over the little bulbs on a strand of fairy lights. The original tutorial and inspiration comes from Rebecca's DIY. We used paper instead of fabric, and our little cups don't have the same cute shape as hers. Still, it was a successful first week and everyone seemed to enjoy! And we had a great turnout! :)

I am smitten with the results, especially considering how easy these are to make! I will say one thing by way of clarification: it took me a while of stabbing cups with knives to figure out that the best way to cut your little hole at the top is to fold the base of the cup in half [in a scrunched-up manner] and cut a little slit into it, before you decoupage the cup. Then it's easy to go back and make the slit as big as you need it from the original cut. I don't know how Rebecca did hers though.

 Here's something else to do with fairy lights, if you're interested.

Wishes of coziness, and plenty of cinnamon.


Anonymous said...

Wow it looks SO cozy :D I wish I had that in my room too!

Jennifer said...

I've had ym eye on these! They are adorable!!

Corinnea said...

That is really cute!

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