Saturday, September 8, 2012

Instant Grammafication

It has always been a bit of a struggle for me to know how much I should share on my blog; whether people come here to see craft and travel photos or hear personal stories, I don't know... but anyways. I have a natural way of extracting the positive out of everything all the time and ignoring the negative. And while i do think that's a great way to live life, it can give the impression that everything in my head is unicorns and butterflies and rainbows all the time.

But it's not. Sometimes life is shit and your heart is broken. and it doesn't feel right to pretend everything is peachy keen like it usually is.

The past week, my sister was here helping me get through a hard time like only a sister/best friend can. She is the best person in the world.
We had a really nice time together. I finally got her interested in crafting, we ate lots of tasty foods, went to an international music and dance festival courtesy of a friend, did some retail therapy, and other forms of distractions.

While here, she took approx. 80000 instagram photos and made me wonder if this insta-bandwagon I have been avoiding is actually maybe worth jumping on cause those little square photos are pretty cool [all these pictures are courtesy of her]. Definitely a fun distraction, and form of instant gratification. Or should i say instant grammafication?
I despise attention-seeking and have therefore turned off commenting on this post. This is not a pity party.. I just wanted to share and get it off my chest. Thanks for listening!

I will in fact be back to posting crafty things soon, because I've been extremely extremely creative lately and have a lot to share.

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