Monday, September 17, 2012

High Society

When one has one's mumsy visiting, as one presently does, one goes to high tea at lovely posh hotels and one enjoys oneself immensely! 

These sumptuous, luscious photos are all from Prestonfield House Hotel, where I went with my mom yesterday for afternoon tea. She's visiting for 6 days and I am sooo glad she's here! :) Isn't family the best? Always there when you need them!

This is an incredibly lush old manor and hotel in the South of Edinburgh, not far from my apartment. [!!!!] They serve your choice of traditional tea brewed to perfection and served in silver pots with little finger sandwiches, scones, and elegant bite-sized cakes. Seriously makes me wish I had been born a dame or baroness back in the day in some obscure country shire. I'd be like, 'One needs not Mr. Darcy when one has afternoon tea to look forward to, is one not correct darling?'

The 'powder room' was one of the best parts!

At one point a Jeeves-like character came in and got the fire going.. oh my it was perfection, considering the typical Scottish day of howling winds.

Safe to say my favorite cakes were the handmade knitted ones in the reception! :)

Afterwards, we had a chilly walk around the grounds to glimpse the incredible views of Arthur's Seat, one of Edinburgh's most prominent and gorgeous landmarks. Maybe I'm biased about how amazing Edinburgh is. But seriously.
Today was my first day of my last year of classes. Surreal... I'll be back soon with more updates and lots of crafty things too!



Kelly's Korner said...

Oooh! Very nice!

Megan said...

Wow. Just... wow. There is, indeed, nothing like a mumsie. What a perfect treat!

Jennifer said...

I wanna go there! So cozy and those velvety couches and chairs! Lovely:)

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