Thursday, September 13, 2012

Canvas Photo Prints

 Here's some more in the craft therapy vein... last week we found some really cheap canvases for sale, with the usual lame close-up of a flower, which for some reason always passes for acceptable wall art. Why? Wouldn't you rather have a cool personal photo on that canvas? Wouldn't you??? Well, if you would, you are my kind of person and this is your kind of blog. 

This is so addictive and I'm excited to show it! We tried out two different styles of an idea I had been mulling and both turned out pretty well. For this first one, I started with a photo I took in Lyon this June, cropped it to my desired dimensions, then printed it on my home printer. The beautiful thing is that, when you're planning to distress something, the photo and printing don't need to be of super high quality. Next I glued it taut to the canvas using decoupage glue. When it was dry, i took a nail file and lightly sanded some parts off. In places it cut through the print to reveal the printed canvas behind. I uber love things with small imperfections like that. I also smeared a black inkpad around the edges and front to distress it even more. [Other ideas: splashing flecks of paint, tea, wine, etc onto the picture]. When happy, I covered the whole thing with a final coat of decoupage glue and let it dry. The last step was hanging it on my Wall of Mismatched Things.
Mad took a different approach and crinkled up her photo before gluing it down. Isn't it amazing? She also decoupaged the edges with tissue paper. I think it looks really professional. And who doesn't love a person who displays their pets on their wall right?!
 This cutey face is helping me stay positive about life!


Adrienne said...

LOVE this! I've been wanting to give this tutorial a try:

oh, and this one too:

Love those DIYs and up-cycles!

Kelly's Korner said...

Very cool! I love that when someone asks you can say that YOU took the picture!

Katelyn R. said...

That is so cool. I want to do one now! I love the pictures you all chose.

Jennifer said...

I do like my own art/photography on the walls! Or someone I know..anyway, i love this idea! I'm happy to see it works. i always wondered about the decoupage and the photo running/smearing etc.

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