Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Week in Photos

I didn't plan it like this, but as I sat down to write a blog post, I realized that late Sunday night when the house is quiet is a good time to ruminate over the last week's incredibly busy happenings. I worked several mammoth wedding and horse race shifts this week [yesterday was 14 hours with one 30 minute break... oh man..] but somehow, I still found time to enjoy what's left of the summer when I wasn't at work.
 And naturally, since I have almost every single aspect of it recorded on my trusty camera, I thought I would share it like a sort of photo journal. Quite possibly mundane and dull, but I'm trusting that you won't mind since you already willingly clicked through to a post called 'the week in photos' anyways! :D
1. I'm not often awake at sunrise, but a couple days ago I was lucky enough to experience this incredible sunrise at 5:15 and it just blew me away. I already wrote here about how one of my favorite things about Edinburgh is the unbelievable sunsets and sunrises we get here; I've never seen such vivid colors in other places. BTW: these photos are totally untouched. A thousand thanks to the large glass of water I drank before bed which made me get up at this otherwise ungodly hour to relieve myself :)
2. I met up with the other Create Society lovely ladies to plan events for this coming semester and to paint shirts to wear at the fresher's fair. Wheee! This blog will be seeing a lot more of Create soc creations coming soon!

 3.That night we hit the Ladyboys of Bangkok show at the Fringe. If you don't know what they are you need to look them up. The show was fun, definitely an experience! ;)

4. D and I were determined to have a barbecue on a super rainy day because we both had the day off, and sometimes you just need a BBQ no matter what, ya know? After contemplating [and thankfully rejecting] my enormously stupid suggestion that we just open the kitchen window and have the flaming BBQ on the outside wooden ledge, we opted for sitting in the wind and rain in the wet park instead. Nothing says summer fun like having to light 25 matches just to get a flame...

 5. I baked some super addictive mini-cupcakes. Recipe coming soon!

 6. Went for a stroll through the West End Craft fair, which sells gorgeous handmades and is located in a churchyard that borders on a little old graveyard. Somehow it's nice, not creepy.

7. While at work, I rescued a really cute bouquet that had been abandoned by a bridesmaid at the previous night's wedding. It was sitting in an open trash-can getting rained on, so I did what any decent person would do: brought it home, dried it off and gave it a nice warm place to stay! :)

8. We discovered an international food market downtown which we will promptly be returning to!

Not pictured:
* helping a friend rapidly move out of an apartment and into mine for a week at the last minute [it's a long story] and breaking open a leftover bottle of champagne at 11 am while doing so
* experiencing Japanese brunch and having my life changed
* sitting through the inanity that is Expendables 2 next to the giddy should-be 4 year old pictured above



Katelyn R. said...

I love your photos! I wish I was sitll close to you... and we could meet up! You must come to my Derby party, It will be so much fun. I wish I could visit you in Edinbugh one more time!

Megan said...

No no no, photo journal posts are not at all boring!!! I love seeing what a week looks like when you present it like this. LOVE the CreateSoc tshirts - I can just imagine you all amongst the other tshirts that have been done at a print shop, wearing your hand-painted ones and being awesome.


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