Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sushi + Tea

 The other day, I had a belated birthday celebration with some good friends, which involved making sushi and drinking tea from this gorgeous Chinese tea set, which they so generously gave me! :) 

[Disclaimer: we do know that sushi is Japanese, and Chinese tea is, in fact, Chinese, and that these are not the same thing, but both still fit the Oriental theme of the evening, so we just went with it.]
I got to use the loose-leaf green tea I bought in a Chinese tea village, score! 

Imperfect and oddly-shaped? To say the least. Offensive to Japanese sushi masters? Likely. But delicious, satisfying, and fun to make? YES YES YES!!!

We realized that the perfectly-rolled-upness of a sushi roll is not, in fact, what makes it taste so good, but is rather just the tool used by Japanese chefs and professionals to make you feel inadequate about your own rolling abilities. 
But who cares, because damn, was it good!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I wish I liked sushi so I could write more in your comments...I do love sticky rice with tons of soy sauce on it though. I love your tea set! So pretty!

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