Sunday, August 5, 2012

Peachy & Blue

Peachy & Blue: not the latest rapping duo but... my new favorite flavor combo! I was craving something peachy, so I baked a peach loaf cake and threw in some blueberries for good measure! I used this recipe from allrecipes but replaced some of the peaches with fresh blueberries [and my peaches were fresh, not canned. That's how I roll... I'm fresh baby]. They call it peach bread in the recipe but I would definitely call this a cake. It's delicious but really rich, and possibly a little cinnamon-heavy.

I also made a cream cheese glaze for the top by melting 200 g of cream cheese, mixing in boiling water and lots of icing sugar, and a couple crushed blueberries. No recipe is complete without a little experimentation right? 

And did you see my mug in the first photo?! I painted it at a ceramics place last week with friends and I love how it turned out. I think it's my new favorite thing ever. Since I stopped working at Patch Craft Store, I forgot how relaxing ceramics painting is, so I hope i can get a couple more sessions in in the next few months, since the shop, Doodles, is about 3 minutes from my new place! 



Jennifer said...

that mug reminds me of an 80's sweater I had. love it!

anya said...

OMgosh that looks so goooood! :D anya

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