Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mega Shop Update

I've recently been having lots of creative mojo [check out my new delivery of delicious supplies!] and have taken over the living room in my apartment as Pearlswirl Central. While my roommate and boyfriend are probably less-than-pleased with this arrangement, I'm finding that having the supplies out constantly helps me visualize new designs in my brain and carry them out immediately while we're all hanging out, rather than having to get everything out of boxes when inspiration strikes and then pack it away again. It's definitely not a long-term solution but for now I love it. Plus then i can watch Bolt bolt on tv while I work. :)

Here are loads of new beauties all listed in the shop. Click on the item name to be taken to the etsy listing!

The Young Duchess Necklace [sold]

Mint & Toffee Fudge Necklace [sold]

Do you have a designated creating space or do you throw your whole place into chaos when the time is right for making?


1 comment:

Anya said...

Pretty pretty!

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