Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cozy & a Little Bit Jerry-Rigged

Well, I finally got around to decorating my room! Even though I'm positive I'll be rearranging it all the time and nothing is ever really complete, I'm still happy with how it feels. The cozy-factor is high, which is all that really matters to me. I need to be surrounded by handmade, cozy stuff. I found the above basket abandoned in my stairwell. After it was there untouched for 5 days I took it [read: D took it for me cause i was too chicken], cleaned it, and it became mine. Mwaha! I want to plant some sort of flower garden in it when I get the time!

These were taken before all my stuff was arranged but wanted to show them so my family and such can see the general layout of the room.
This is where the morning pampering happens...

Pandas always welcome here!
I am beyond excited at having a real [albeit non-functioning] fireplace!

 My MC Hammer face. CAN'T TOUCH THIS.

And in case you were wondering how you can be just as ghetto-fabulous as I am, I put together this collage below. It argues in favor of eliminating all unnecessary things, such as furniture, from our lives. I hope you can learn something valuable.
 Somebody is blasting scatty jazz out their window in the back courtyard [classic festival-time happening] and this whole moment couldn't feel more hipster-cool if it tried [the jerry-rigging of one's own table will do that to a person], so I'm off in search of something edgy and hip to do... 



Adrienne said...

Love it! I am seriously jealous of those in-set shelves. Freaking awesome. :)

Anya said...

Really cute! As usual, the quilt is present!


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