Sunday, August 19, 2012

Berwick-Upon-Tweed (In All Its Invisible Glory)

Aren't daytrips the best?! You can beat the blues and satisfy any yearning for a bit of wanderlust in your life without breaking the bank, having to postpone things, asking anyone for any time off, or other life inconveniences. A wee mini break. :) Last Wednesday, D and i headed to Berwick-Upon-Tweed, a little seaside town just below the Scottish-English border. It's a bit of a special case in history, because it traded hands between them 13 times! I love discovering little local stuff like this, that might not be in any make-or-break lists of things to see while in Europe, but which still have their own charm. 
The day we went was extremely atmospheric and eerie, with a thick fog over the water and a strange warm wind, but maybe that added to the cool charm. Although it definitely took away from the whole being-able-to-see-the-town thing. I wouldn't call it the most beautiful place in England, but it definitely had something very cool about it. Even though he kept joking that some dark and mysterious woe would befall us while we wandered alone on the abandoned and foggy shores...
 I love this photo because it's like two pictures in one [reflection of the street in a shop window]. My dad and his obsession with reflection photos have taught me well I guess..

 And just as we were getting lost on said abandoned shore and starting to wonder if anyone would ever hear from us again, genius struck and we walked into a little pottery workshop on the otherwise deserted street and asked if we were going the right way/what there was to see. Best. Decision. Ever. The reputation about people in Northumberland being so friendly and accommodating is just so true! Christie and I also noticed this when we went to Alnwick last month. Anyways. They told us to go back into town and eat here, which we did, and to go see these, which we also did. I seriously couldn't get any decent photos of the town walls and/or the water down below due to the by-now infamous eery fog, but they were pretty sweet. I'm just sayin'. You should have been there. 
Aaandd, i left with some freshly-cut fabric from this market stall, which is now burning a hole in my fabric bag and will most definitely be used as a procrastination device in the near future.

Speaking of which, I know I haven't been showing anything crafty recently, but that's only because I'm working on a big present for my sister's birthday, which she will be getting when she visits me here in a couple weeks, so until then I need to remain mum about it even though i want to show off every tiny detail from 12 different angles. All in good time. 



Kelly's Korner said...

Have you read miss peregrines home for peculiar children? Your description of the town reminded me of the book. Looks like a fun day trip.

pearlswirl said...

Kelly, no I haven't ever read it but now i'm intrigued. It was cute and fun!

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