Sunday, August 12, 2012

August in Edinburgh

August in Edinburgh is always an unbelievable experience. The International Festival and the world-famous Fringe Festival [ie the biggest art festival in the world!] give the city an unbelievable spirit and bring along with them a gaggle of street performers, art & craft fairs, markets, exhibitions, free events, and of course tourists. The happy bustling atmosphere is infectious and even though it now takes 20 minutes to walk through a part of town that should take 5, in my opinion it's completely worth it and i don't want the festival to end. And the weather has been great [by Scottish standards anyways] for the last couple weeks. Plus, this year we've had the Olympics too! A lot of the soccer/football was played up in Glasgow and the energy is crazy up here too! Nothing compared to London I'm sure, but does London have the world's largest art festival going on too?

 D and I have both been working lots and been very busy, but we've managed to see a couple hilarious shows and take in a bit of the vibe. Main five activities for the month: 

* Walking
* Eating & Drinking
* Market Shopping & Browsing
* Show Watching
* Lost Tourist Dodging

 [This photo via cameronjking]

The giant cow tent [the show venue called Udder Belly] and the crazy cool paper lantern bar are on the campus of my university. I can literally check out the cow's undercarriage from the window of my dissertation supervisor's office! And every inch of the city center is transformed into underground or attic show venues because the center has so many medieval vaults and secret passages...

I will let my new tote bag speak for me:
Someone please be a smartass and remind me of this in January when it's cold and grey and dark by 4 pm and I can't tell the difference between the rain and my tears. Thanks.



Megan said...

Beautiful pics, Jenny!

Is that meal from Oink, the hog roast place on Victoria Street? Looks delicious.

I need to do more walks around town when I'm not working. Maybe after the meeting tomorrow I'll take my camera walkies - if the weather gets back to *ahem* normal.

pearlswirl said...

Thanks! No, the meal is from the King's Whark pub in Leith- supposedly one of the best pubs for food in the city, though as you can see it's a bit gastro pub-y. But sooo delicious! :)

Yash... said...

King's Whark! I know that place.... :-)

Brilliant last line.

Katelyn R. said...

What is with that giant upside down purple cow? I had a drink at the one in London, but went there hoping it was a bouncy castle... at least I wasn't alone in my hopes though. I'm glad you're still loving Edinburgh and I wish we could have another food court meeting!

Anya said...

These are great photos! Edinburgh seems like a lot of fun! :D

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