Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Past Week

Greets! (as they say in German, now you know, you're welcome.) I'm back and I have stories to tell!

My birthday was really nice, mostly just really relaxing. D took me to the top of this romantic hill overlooking his whole city, with a bottle o'bubbly, for actual midnight [adorable romantic gesture, check]. Bare in mind this was just an hour or so after Italy lost to Spain in the Euro finals, so he was putting on his brave, big boy pants, because he really had no desire to party or really do anything except sit on the couch and stare in disbelief at the tv. Then later we drove up to this little mountain town with a lake that we had heard was quite cute. I should have known nothing would go off without a hitch though. Neither of us had ever been there and the GPS led us through the most horrible, hair-pin turn, windy tiny roads ever, all the while driving in 40 degree heat in a car with no air con and he gets majorly car sick. :( I felt like the evil birthday queen. But we finally arrived and it was super gorgeous. Then i felt like the lovely birthday princess. :) I kept reminding myself, at least it's not like my last birthday, which i spent on a 9 hour train ride through rural Romania with some gypsies. Not that that wasn't nice. But this was nice too! :p

 Other birthday things of note: 
*I consumed the deadly combination of lots of tiramisu and heavy beer, which resulted in what I later dubbed 'the worst feeling ever but it's my birthday so it's OK'.
* I purchased a very tiny but very real pot of nutella at the top of the mountain for my sister.
* I got a new Chinese friend, Hermann (seen below toting tiny nutella pot). It's surprisingly hard to cuddle with a totally spherical thing, but who cares because look how cuuuute! 


After Italy I flew back to London (on 4th of July! i was never conventional anyways...) to spend some time with my sister. It was originally supposed to be 48 hours of unstoppable sister wildness, but an unexpected sudden illness and 5-day hospital stay on her part, had different plans. :( Poor thing has the worst luck! But she's fine now, just recuperating. The good that came from this was that I was able to also see my mom, who had flown in to take care of the wee sick thing.

These are basically the only pictures I got there since Schwessums McGee was tired and weak so we couldn't do that much wandering. But she did take me to the lovely Sass & Belle [top right] and spoiled me with birthday goodness! And we had some nice lunches together, so all in all it could have been worse! Luckily everything is ok with my sister, that is obviously the most important part. London will always be London!

So then I boarded my 10-hour bus back to Scotland, which did not stop once for a comfort break, and I watched the weather get progressively worse and worse the further north we drove, until finally we arrived in a flooded, cold, pouring and dark Edinburgh. 'Ah', I thought, 'welcome home'.


I do have a couple crafts to post and some exciting things happening over here next week so stay tuned friends!



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Adrienne said...

As always, great photos! I am so glad your sister is ok, that sort of thing is so scary. I wonder what you've been making this time?

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