Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moving And A Wee Bowl

 I'm currently moving! To an apartment about 5-10 minutes away by foot. I'm so excited! I'll show photos in the next week once I'm all settled in over there, but in the meantime, here are lots of photos of a bowl I rediscovered while packing up all my stuff. 

This is a little bowl that I hand-threw on the pottery wheel back when I first started working at Patch Arts & Crafts and they wanted Katelyn and me to take a class in the hopes that we could start teaching it at the store. We never did teach it, probably because it is hhaaaaaarrrrdd. Who knew throwing pottery on the wheel is more of a workout than your actual workout?? But I adore this little bowl and can't wait to have it in my new room displaying rings or something. I had also made two other bowls, but due to their less-than-successful turn out, I didn't bring them with me to Edinburgh. :( I wonder if I could pass them off as 'intentionally rustic'?

I love building up my collection of handmade items for my room [and future one-day dream house]!

And while on the subject of moving, here are two little pieces of advice, from me to you:

1. When deciding to move almost all your worldly possessions from point A to point B, for some inexplicable reason, you will get the 'genius' idea that you can just cart everything back and forth on foot using your little broken-wheel suitcase, hereby saving yourself the hassle of hiring a moving truck [and driver], or making friends with people who own cars. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THIS IDEA. 
2. If, like me, you weren't forewarned that number 1 was a terrible idea, and you go ahead with it, try not to pick the rainiest %*&#-ing day of the year to cart all your books through a park that floods very easily. Did I mention the suitcase is just made of a light canvas? Ughhhhh.

And here's what my day currently looks like [yes, I've graduated up to cardboard boxes now]:
Do you have any pearls of moving wisdom to share? Embarrassing stories that illustrate your shockingly bad judgment are, of course, always welcome too! :)



Anne Holbrook said...

Here's a pearl of moving wisdom. DO NOT put all your books in ONE heavy cardboard box. You won't be able to lift it off the floor. Books go in small boxes, pillows go in large boxes (ask Joey, haha).

Anonymous said...

clothes go in plastic bags (and pillow cases!). bath and kitchen towels wrap delicate items. the stuff you can't live without goes on top so you can unpack them first and feel at home in your new home. and...white toothpaste applied with a toothpick fills the holes in walls where you had stuff hanging up (as long as the walls are white! you can thank Mama/Grandma for that one!) good luck.

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see the new place! No pearls of wisdom here...

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