Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Is it too cheesy if I say this new shorty sweatshirt 'feels like home'? Yes, probably, but guys, that incredibly lame clever word pun is the only way to describe this new little top! It went from idea conceived, to supplies purchased, to completed project in roughly 3 hours [not including washing/drying]. I found the sumptuous organic cotton sweatshirt at a charity shop and I remember almost buying it when it came out at h&m but for some reason i decided not to. And now here it is! Love it when that stuff happens :)

I was inspired by Liz's stenciled top from Cotton and Curls, but for reasons including the emptiness of my wallet and the fullness of my recycling bin, i made my own stencil from cardboard. The whole thing was SO EASY! I just positioned the stencil in random spots and delicately brushed Dyson fabric paint on! I let it dry overnight, then heat-set the paint by ironing on high, then washed. 

Home sweet home!



Bekah Joy said...

Love this!

Jennifer said...

Super cute and clever!

Anonymous said...

So cute and such a great style right now! The blue is nice.


Katelyn R. said...

I really love it. super clever! sorry I haven't been keeping up with your blog.. I'm glad you had such an amazing time in Italy for your birthday.. Happy Birthday! and I really hope your sister is doing better.

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