Sunday, July 15, 2012


  Lately I have been neglecting my shop a little bit. It didn't happen on purpose, my crafty brain has just been other places. Sometimes I get intense phases where I'm most interested in doing just one style of project [recently it has been clothes making and refashioning]. And that's fine and all, but I need to remember that I actually have a jewelry shop, which I'm trying to make a business out of.

 I just get discouraged when I put so [so] much effort into something and don't see much of a return. But then I remember those motivational posters and stuff from high school math class-- the 'reach for the stars' kind of stuff. And i get my mojo back. And jewelry-making was my first love after all. I was the kid that would sit for hours on my floor in elementary school beading seed-bead bracelets and then "selling" them to my friends at school, in exchange for, like, juice-boxes. :) And if I go for too long without focusing on jewelry, something feels off! 
So I gave my shop a much-needed revamp and makeover! I started with a new shop banner, which makes a nice change. 
Then I created my shiny new 'about' page-- a new feature on etsy that I really adore. I always found that the standard cookie-cutter format of etsy shops lacked a bit of personality, which is ironic really for a site like etsy. But now they have these incredible pages that do the trick! You can see it in the left-hand navigation bar just under 'shop info' or click here. And if you think I wrote a lot on my about page, I only used about 1/4 of the available word limit!

Go check out the shop if you like and let me know what you think! I've listed several new items and have loads to come in the next few days, too so stay tuned! I'm equally planning a giveaway soon and some contests for facebook fans. Click here to become a fan on FB!

Self-promotion over [for now...] 

Oh and P.S: that amazing book I'm reading up there was a gift from my quilt-making friend Katelyn and I totally recommend getting it for anyone who wants to become more savvy about online markets. It's really worth the investment and goes super in-depth on a lot of complex stuff!


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Adrienne said...

It looks great Jenny!

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