Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alnwick Castle etc.

 Last week when Christie was visiting, we took the train down to Alnwick, in England, to visit the castle there [and we also found this incredible bookshop]. I should start by saying, having lived in England and Germany with my parents for about 9 years, I'm mostly over the whole castle thing, honestly. BUT. THINK AGAIN JENNY. That's what I had to tell myself after seeing this one. Oh my. It's not your average pile of old stones, no sir. It was massive and picturesque.
 So picturesque, in fact, that they've filmed dozens of films there. Most recently, the Harry Potter movie series! Not every scene, but mostly the ones where the kids are outside and you can see the Hogwarts grounds and castle in the background. Like this flying lesson scene. Cute huh?! I have mixed feelings about the HP movies for ruining my childhood mental images of the characters from the books, but still. Come on. that's pretty cool right?
 During the low season, it's also inhabited by the Duke of Northumberland and his family. Repeat: This castle is. Inhabited. By a man. And his family. If I were one to get jealous of others who have more awesome stuff than I do, I might be jealous right now. Luckily, I'm not that type! ;)
 They say Alnwick [b.t.w, I was repeatedly told that it's pronounced ann-ick] is one of the most picturesque and stereotypical Northern English towns. Due to the HP movies, it's become famous and more frequently-visited, so they might be playing it up a bit, but it definitely provides a fun and sweet day-trip if you're in Southern Scotland or Northern England. And they accept Scottish pounds everywhere, which doesn't always happen in England, so that's +1 for Northumberland, -1 for London & Home Counties, in my book.
 Roast of the day! Lived up to the reputation by being mostly good but kind of bland. :)
 I very badly want this bear in my house.


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Jennifer said...

i will never tire of castles. It's what we do when my family visits as they love them as well. They are so rich with history and story. love them! this one is gorgeous!!

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