Monday, July 2, 2012


Oh my god, my mid-twenties already!! Har har har.

Seriously, though: my favorite number is 11, I am obsessed with making a wish at every time 11:11 I can... and now my age is 11 + 11. Pretty sweet if you ask me. :)
Birthday shout-outs to my adorable friend Cassie too, and my "twin" Ian. He and I used to be elementary school BFF's and were convinced that our joint birthday meant we had telepathic powers. So really, he doesn't need to read this post to know he's getting a shout-out, it's just more for the rest of you.

Time to go think about retirement plans and take my memory medicine.



Adrienne said...

Happy birthday, Jenny!

Kelly's Korner said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I remember 22... That's the year I moved to Germany! :) have a great year!!

Jennifer said...

hmm...what was I doing at 22? I had been with Jon for one year & working at (shocking) a fabric store! Life was nice:) Happy Birthday Jenny! I hope you had fun and received really cool gifts that you'll show us and we can all drool over.

Porcini&Button said...

On 11/11/11 at 11:11 I had 11 friends around for a special pizza tasting for a friend who was starting an artisanal pizza business. The first pizza we ate was her 11th pizza ever. Eventually it descended into a youtube party (as these things so often do!) and someone mentioned a youtube video of a scottish sketch show and it was called "eleven".

The bliss in that room was incalculable. But if it had a value I bet it would have been 11.

Hope you had a nice day!

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