Sunday, June 3, 2012

When Father Comes To Town

Here are a few photos my dad took when he came to visit for a few days back in March. Seeing the city, which is getting a bit old and boring to me [still nice, but not exciting anymore], through his camera lens totally made me fall in love with it again and realize why I love living here.

We went to a nice whiskey pub that I could only dream of going to with friends [not exactly cheap] and we sampled some really nice scotches. Thanks daddy!

We hiked up Arthur's Seat blind in the fog and had a freezing cold picnic at the top. At least we think it was the top but visibility was pretty bad so could be wrong...

We visited Royal Yacht Britannia, which was pretty cool. This was the official ship of the Queen and royal family for about 40 years and it's incredible to see how much work and effort went on behind the scenes so the Queen could enjoy her time at sea and the trip ran smoothly. I love that kind of stuff! 

We had lovely afternoon tea on the yacht!
[This photo and the one above by me, not my dad.]

 We saw the newly refurbished National Museum [where I also sometimes work big banquets and dinners]. If you're ever in Edinburgh this is an awesome place to stop for everything from medieval Scottish history to the real Dolly the Sheep [who was after all made in Scotland]. And it's FREE! Totally worth it. I don't even like museums really but this one I could stay in all day.

 Holyrood Palace, the Queen's official residence when in Scotland.

Edinburgh is beautiful and if you ever get the chance to spend a couple days here, don't miss it! Often people just fly into the airport and head straight for the Highlands or the isles, which are incredible too, but don't miss wee Edi!! :)


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