Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sporty Goodness

Dear readers, you don't often hear me talking about sports on the blog, but-- that time has come. It's... THE EURO CUP! My favorite spectator sport indulgence [perhaps my only one actually] is international soccer/football. I lose my mind and shout directions at the players through the TV. I just wonder why they sometimes don't listen to me. 

My old BFF Katie and me in downtown Stuttgart supporting France in the World Cup 2006 final. Those flag-capes have seen some stuff.

Anyhow. Tomorrow is France's second Round 1 game, against Ukraine, and we need to win this one. So everybody drop what you're doing tomorrow, at 5pm British time, turn your TV on, and JOIN IN THE SHOUTING! Thanks.

UPDATE: Clearly no one at all cares but we won with a glorious 2:0! :)

Also, Germany's doing extremely well so yay! 
And while we're on sporty news: yesterday, the Olympic Torch parade passed literally 2 minutes from my house on its procession across the British Isles towards London! It's not every day that happens... so we thought it was pretty cool! [In case it's not clear, the woman in the white sweatsuit is the official 'torchbearer' for that leg of the procession and you can even see the flame blowing in the wind.]


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, I happen to care. A lot. And yay, allez les bleus. Tonight is the make or break third game. Fingers crossed.

Signed, your most admiring not-so-anonymous anonymous admirer :)

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