Sunday, June 17, 2012


Do you see this beautiful quilt??? Do your eyes fully comprehend what they are taking in?? This quilt was made FOR ME by my beautiful and insane friend Katelyn. She is adorable and infuriating in her own special way but I keep her around because she makes me things like this. 
 She gave it to me without the binding. Anyone who knows her will recognize that this is a classic Katelyn move. ;) No, really, I told her I didn't mind doing the binding myself because I just wanted this bad boy in my possession as soon as possible. She surprised me at Christmas by showing me the completed top, not yet quilted [which I had no idea she was making for me!] and since then I couldn't stop thinking about the day it would be mine to sleep under/drool on. Now I'm almost finished hand-binding it.
I love these unexpected owls on the back, and the fabric she chose for the flags on the front. You have to choose modern, fun fabrics to stop a quilt with 8 huge union jacks from crossing into twee-tastic knitted-toilet-paper-holder territory, and as usual she did an awesome job fabric picking and print-mixing.
It's a little late for the Queen's diamond jubilee but the excitement lives on forevah dahling with my quilt[/cape].


P.S. Today or tomorrow Katelyn is completing her move back to Kentucky from Germany. Good riddance. No, not really. I LOVE YOU KATELYN. Wait. Do I??


Kelly's Korner said...

Katelyn is so awesome! I love how she made the stripes like the flag. I might have been too lazy to measure that! Haha!

Adrienne said...

This is amazing! She did such a great job! But she always does. When you get it done, you should show us a picture of all your union jack goodies all together. :)

It's seems like everyone is moving! Is Lizy still there?

Anonymous said...

Love it. Wishing some regal snoozes under this awesome piece of art. :)

Jennifer said...

has your wave changed since acquiring this? This is sooooo cool! I love this quilt and that she made it for you:)

Alexa said...

This is the most amazing quilt I have ever seen.

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