Monday, June 25, 2012

Italy Snapshots

Greetings from deadly-hot Italy! Here are a couple pictures from the last few days of lounging, napping, going for walks [and eating the mandatory gelato]. We haven't spent too much time outside because it's just sooooo hot. 

We went to the beautiful wedding of two of D's high school friends. The reception was in a renovated villa at the top of a hill with the most beautiful sunset views. There was free-flowing prosecco and awesome food. And i can say, it was VERY nice to finally be a guest at one of these fancy weddings, instead of being catering staff at one like I normally do 2-3 times a week this time of year! :) I had such appreciation for how hard the staff were working [because normally that's me] and I knew that someone taking time to thank them and smile at them would probably make a big difference in their evening...

 This was unfortunately after my fancy updo came down as a result of the humidity and ties and jackets were abandoned in favor of not melting to death. Despite the heat, it was a gorgeous evening!

Tomorrow we're off to the beach for a few nights where i will be:
a) wearing my new handmade bikini
b) reading Dracula under an umbrella
c) shirking all responsibilities towards academic work and also life



Anonymous said...

Loverly. :) Love the sunset picture.

Jennifer said...

love the last photo. you two look happy. What's the dress you're wearing??

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