Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eleven Things That Make You Wonder If You're Secretly 7 Years Old

1. When visiting home a couple weeks back, you accidentally lost track of time while upstairs alone, "cleaning the upstairs bathroom" [read: you discovered the old, abandoned, Lego table and its four drawers of stuffed-to-the-brim lego pieces and got lost in their magical fun like in the good old days]

2. Being afraid to go use the bathroom alone in the pub, so you wait quietly until a friend gets up to go and then casually accompany her, even though you've been at bursting point for the last fifteen minutes

3. Circling the local playground 3 times on your morning run just so you can figure out which piece of equipment has the most potential [eventually you settle on the see-saw: that evergreen of playgroundy fun]

4. If you're honest, reading Glamour seems like an infinitely better idea to you than catching up on the news [you're slightly ashamed of this, but you know Glamour won't judge you...]

5. Reading the ingredients list of your cereal box seems like an infinitely better idea to you than catching up on the news

6. Spending close to 30 minutes cycling through pictures of cute animals online and posting them to your friends [this one might also be a sign that you are an old spinster/cat lady]

7. Being embarrassed by your lack of world-news knowledge in social settings, so nodding along and pretending you know what everyone's talking about

8. Allowing the food you just cooked to get cold in the plate while you run to get your camera and proceed to shoot photos of it from 12 different angles because you thought the arrangement of vegetables looked pretty

9. Going to Ikea with your roommate and discovering something new every 30 seconds that you just absolutely need in your life and can't live without, but which somehow gets erased from your memory the second you see the next plastic-based colorful thing on the shelf

10. Going out in sandals and no jacket when you know you'll be freezing, just because you want to wear your new clothes

11. The fact that getting your new green apple-scented candle from Ikea really made your day


tara said...

this is sooo true!! haha!

Anonymous said...

I'm not wondering anymore... :)

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