Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beach Snapshots

 Here are a few snapshots from our trip to Cattolica, little seaside town on the Adriatic coast in northern Italy. It was sweet and charming as those little beachy places tend to be, albeit filled largely with scantilly-clad old people. But in a nice way.*

*Not really.

There are two competing evils I've noticed about Italy: one is the supreme importance young people give to looking good and fit all the time, and the other is the supreme importance given to fatty delicious foods. I. don't. understand. how. they. can. coexist. Seriously, it perplexes me every time. 

We saw the acquarium, frolicked with the manta rays and otters as you do, and came face to face with this bad boy. Chilling and awesome!! 

Our hotel was really decently priced and included a nice breakfast with homemade cakes, discounts in local restaurants, and free bike rental. I would recommend it if you're heading there just for the cakey breakfast! 

I realized I'm very very average at mini-golf, which, honestly, is much better than I was expecting to be. So i call that a win!



Jennifer said...

fun fun fun! How did you pick the city?

Anonymous said...

You didn't post pics of your new bathing suit you made in use...

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