Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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As you're reading this, I'm probably uncomfortably and unsuccessfully trying to fall asleep against the window of an overnight megabus rolling me towards London as the first leg of my Very Excellent Italian Adventure begins! I'll be flying from London to Parma, Italy, where I shall be reunited with my boyfriend [the one and only, freshly returned from Shanghai!] for a couple weeks of blissful Doing Nothing. Grand. I'll still be around on my blog though, since Doing Nothing leaves plenty of time for that. :)



Kelly's Korner said...

Be sure to have some prosciutto melone while you're in Parma! Oh, and have it with the good crusty parmasean cheese! YUM!

pearlswirl said...

Thanks Kelly! That's basically what his family eats here every night for dinner! I'm dying between eating all the delicious food and the heat. I might have to buy another plane seat for the way back! :)

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