Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adventures in Dye-ing

 I decided to have my way with this dress I wore to a wedding years ago. I can be merciless with old clothes but it's for their OWN GOOD. Wouldn't you agree a bit of color goes a long way?

 After the first dyeing it came out light purple [even though the dye was navy] which was super awful on the dress, but it was pretty on the lace so I cut that bottom layer off and used it to embellish the shorts, which i now adore!  

Then I dyed the dress again til I got the color I wanted. I think the embroidery on the lace is more obvious now that it's darker. Amazing what a bit of color can do! I originally wanted to hand-stitch some kind of antique doily to the front of this dress, but everybody and their uncle shot me down on that idea. :( Think I still will when I find what I'm looking for and then we'll see who the creative genius is.  
 The dying was really easy, I just followed the instructions on the pack and the dye I used was Dylon Dye by Hand. Like I said the coloring was off the first time but i think you have to expect inconsistencies when dying, and consider things like the make-up of the fabric [pure cotton is best], how old the garment is, the fact that things should be bleached white before dyeing [i was, as usual, too impatient] and other whatnots that I can't think of, but I'm sure you should consider them too!! Here is a good guide for hand-dying fabrics [I remember being happy because i found that post a couple days after I dyed my dress but I had still done everything right according to their tips except bleach it].

The direct sunlight may not be ideal for taking photos outdoors but you will NOT find me complaining about this sudden burst of sunshine!! :) I wasn't even cold while taking these photos and that's saying something! :) Keep up the good work, Scotland!



Adrienne said...


Kelly's Korner said...

It looks really pretty!

Jennifer said...

I love the color and it's one of a kind! the dress is adorable. I love seeing your clothes makeovers;)

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