Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Story Of How I Finished 75% of my Degree

 ... basically goes like this:

 There have been endless moments of thinking I've written the next academic masterpiece, only to look down at the page and see that I've only managed 7 words. And not even good ones either.

There have been motivational low-points requiring self-pleading love notes which only kind of worked.

Eating breakfast for dinner because sometimes ya gotta switch things up. By which I naturally mean that there's no time for grocery shopping.

Printing off a document at the library and the first page that comes out is a wee encouraging love letter from the printer itself.

Meeting 5 different friends for 5 different coffee breaks in the space of 8 hours and still calling it a productive day of studying.

Losing my motivation and sewing something. (Ample evidence of my procrastination exists within the confines of my craft posts on this blog.)

... And somehow, here I am, officially done with my 3rd year!!

I realize it's a bit anti-climactic to post this triumphant boo-ya to university thing right before my fourth and hardest year, but for now, all I can see is the calmness and excitement of the awesome summer ahead, which includes spending two weeks chilling at my parents', being reunited with my boyfriend, some European travel, hopefully having some old friends visit, and all other fun and exciting whatnots. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!



Adrienne said...

I love your posts. Congrats on finishing year 3!

Kelly's Korner said...

Congrats! Another year ties the dust! When will you be back in town? Will you make it before Katelyn leaves? Mary is leaving too!

Maddie said...

You are adorable :). So happy the stress is over for you.. for now. Enjoy your time at home, and enjoy it for me too!! Love you so much and keep writing hilarious posts :)


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