Thursday, May 10, 2012

Me-Made May & Things

Warning: excessive chatting/self-pity/self-concern contained within this post!

I've been doing my own version of Me-Made May, started by Zoe from the blog So Zo, What do you Know? For some strange reason my browser is not letting me click on any of the links on her blog, so I can't give a link to the actual page, but if you click on the above link to her full blog and search 'Me-Made May '12', you can get more info on the challenge. 

Basically, for the whole month of May she is wearing exclusively things that she made herself. This means her entire outfit every day was sewn by her. How cool is that?! I am not at her level at all but she encouraged everyone to try it so I'm wearing one handmade (or refashioned) item a day! Almost all of them are by me but there are a couple things purchased from etsy that were handmade by someone else so I am also including them in my list because a) my handmade wardrobe is not that big and b) in my opinion it still supports the handmade ethic. 

I had such grand plans for what I was going to make a while back but then my machine broke and I was gonna get it fixed but then I didn't and you know that way where things pile up and instead of taking care of them you just curl up in your bed and drink tea. Yeah, my post-vacation return to the capital of shitty weather and studying for final exams and having bank problems was making me bluuue. [A Chinese ATM stole my moneys!!] Woe is me. But this challenge has been ideal in keeping me motivated to plan and wear handmade outfits every day, and therefore not spend my days in PJs and the fetal position. I just wish I had more things! I do have a couple super-summery things I made, stupidly thinking they would be appropriate for this time of year but aren't. :( 

Oh and one more paragraph in this novel I'm writing won't kill anyone: it's weird and awkward to take outfit photos of yourself every day so please try to look past my little cheesy smiles! AND my disgusting messy room!

1. Crushed velvet miniskirt, handmade by me here
2. Tee-shirt refashioned by me here plus my beautiful tailor-made blazer I got in China!
3. Heart sweatshirt refashioned by me here (has been getting a lot of lazy use...)
4. Denim skirt re-pieced together and styled from a long old disgusting one I had--shortened, resized, bleached + distressed, horrible patches and pockets removed. (Never blogged)
5. Screenprinted bird tank, handmade by Nikacollection on etsy here
6. Voile tanktop handmade by me here

I've been at work all day several days which eliminates my ability to wear handmade, but my amazing uniform of starched yet grease-stained oversize grey shirts, black ties and pants, and white gloves has more than made up for it :/

Oh and the wreath above my mirror can be seen here.

I'll try to show my handmade outfits every week so I'm held accountable and can't skip a day!


Moving onto other things... all this time I've been saying I don't want to start pinterest, but it turns out I'm already there!! I was checking out my blogger stats [something else I never really realized I could do until I went desperately searching for distractions] and discovered this fact. Who knew [probably everyone...] that other people can pin things directly from anywhere on the internet onto their boards?! So as it turns out, random people have pinned and repinned things directly from my blog! Without my knowing! I'm like a celebrity! This is perfect as far as I'm concerned, because I get the exposure in the pinterest world, but without the hours of distraction and craft envy. It feels really good to know there are '16 repins' of something I made. And people's names that I don't recognize. So if anyone reading this has pinned anything of mine, you should know you made my day! :) :) :)

This song is so good I can't stop listening. It's like a bandaid for my emotions. 


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Kelly's Korner said...

Yay for doing me made may!!!! I'm so proud of you! But shame on you for not blogging that skirt! That looks awesome and needs a post of its own! :)

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