Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hello Bandeau

I'm so psyched about this easy easy project! Aaahh! I found an XL tank top made from polyamide/spandex (ie. SWIMSUIT MATERIAL!) in my favorite charity shop for a whopping 2 pounds and turned it into an adorable bandeau bikini! I love cutting into charity shop finds for fabric. :)

I very easily turned the top into a bandeau by cutting off the straps, cutting the lace bodice from the main body, and separating it at the back to be tied together. The back tie is totally my favorite part! I am obsessed with back details on things [probably because I don't have much to show in front, haha!!]

For the bottoms I made two separate panels and sewed them together at the inseam/crotch region. I traced and cut around old bikini bottoms that fit me perfectly, and used the existing hemline at the bottom of the tank, as the new waist hemline. The fabric doesn't fray in the least so I left the edges raw, which solves the saggy booty problem I always have with store-bought bikinis! There's no heavy seam so it sits smoothly, baby!

Mmmmmm... only thing missing is a cocktail.

The sheen of the fabric makes it hard to capture the true color, but it's closest to these two or the 'after' photo above... a nice vintage-y pink. It's not the brightest or most summery but for 2 pounds, who's complaining?!?! Plus this pink is a classic.

It was the lace that drew me in.

Wishing you all swimmingly summer thoughts as I write about my new bikini during a hailstorm...



Kelly's Korner said...

Awesome Jenny! I'm supposed to be making undies out of t-shirts for my me made challenge to myself, but it's not happening yet... Maybe this post will inspire me to get busy on that!

Anya said...

It is adorable!!! Perfect for lounging by a pool hhmmm. nice find!?!

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