Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fairy Light Wreath

I'm a sucker for a good strand of fairy lights - to me, they are the perfect year-round mood lighting accessory and just make everything seem a bit cooler and more romantic. [Cheap student tip: I buy loads of strands in the after-Christmas sales, when the less-creative no longer see a use for them til next December.] I wanted a fresh twist on just wrapping the lights around everything in sight and I'm so happy with how this wreath turned out. Sometimes i like to sit under it and pretend it's a halo...

I'm not great at taking pictures throughout the making process cause I just get too excited and carried away with what I'm doing, but I tried.

I twisted a metal wire coat-hanger out of its shape and bent it into a circle(ish) using my hands. To secure the shape, twist the ends around and back on each other [visible at 11:30 on the picture above- to the left of the yarn ball]. I tightly wrapped yarn all around it to hide the ugly wire. This is the same technique I used for my hanging mobile.

Then, I wrapped it in lights and just hung it up! I did like it like that, but you probably know I'm not very good at being a minimalist so I thought it needed an extra touch of color and springy-ness.

Enter origami lily flowers I made a long time ago and just had sitting around! [I made them from Pip Lincolne's awesome book Meet me at Mike's so I can't reproduce the instructions. :( ] For now I like it with the flowers and extra bits I added [it now has feathers too - how much is too much?] but if I get bored it will be so easy to change and add different seasonal deco.


P.S. I'm not done with the Dumpling Diaries but thought I'd take a little break from it!


Jennifer said...

love the fairy light halo!!!!!!!!!! Such a cute idea to make origami paper thingies to put around the lights!!

Yash... said...

Nice atmosphere. Hope the origami doesn't become oriflamey. :D

The Craft-Arty Kid said...

Love this! Good tip about buying fairy lights in the January sales.
Loving your blog x

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