Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Camouflaged in the Black Forest

Part craft post, part travel post.

For a long time I wanted to refashion this frumpy muumuu nightgown into something more fitted and wearable, and now I finally have! I removed the ridiculous collar frills [a mystery to me why anyone would put them there in the first place], created a more form-fitting and flattering curved side seam, shortened it and hemmed with curved sides, and added a little pocket from the excess. It was the perfect warmth [and color] for the day trip hike I took with my parents in Bad Liebenzell in the Black Forest. 

Yes, I am talking about color-coordinating myself with the forest.
This is a super beautiful area about 40 minutes away from the town we currently live in and it's so fresh and green and beautiful and just generally nice to get out of the city/town/not-the-Black-Forest. Nothing beats it!

We met the cutest kitty whom we named Fritz [what else?] and he acted like our tourguide through the forest for a while. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a sucker for a good cat friend. Aren't we all?

 Thanks to my dad for most of these lovely photos! 


P.S. We're currently road-tripping to visit my grandpa in France and will be without internet for the next week, so I set a couple posts for while I'm gone, and I'll be back next week with lots of pictures and excitement! And maybe a finished project or two. Maybe.


Adrienne said...

Perfect re-do on that shirt!

I'd forgotten what a great photographer you dad is, those pictures are wonderful. I love the one of you jumping in the field. Oh, and the cat? Awesome. I love cats. That bicycle, too.

Kelly's Korner said...

Great job with the shirt! I have one I need to refashion too. Coincidentally we were talking about bad liebenzell last night with some friends. That's a lovely area!

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