Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scrappy Owls

I love doing these little embroidery samplers cause you can work on them for as long as they're fun and whenever you have a bit of time. I made four little owl friends to add to my one-day-in-the-making scrap quilt! 

I'm continually adding to the mental plan for this quilt and I'm confident that one day it will become reality! This is just a little mock-up I did of one super huge block so I could get an idea. I want to add ribbon blocks like this pillow, one square of really tiny scraps pieced together, lots of embroidery, and most importantly, fabric that I already have in my stash, leftovers from previous projects, and old family fabric I inherited [the pale pink stripes at the top left is a little napkin/hanky my grandma made!] I have sooooo many more fabrics to include than what's here! 

 How cute is she?!

I drew the left-most one myself and the other three patterns were found at voodonblogger.

I have a way of fixating on certain musical artists for phases and my current obsession is Lucero and Ben Nichols, the frontman. The best way to describe it, i think, is like blues-punk infused with a bit of country [but real country, not the 'my girlfriend left me so now i'm living in a beat-up truck with a dog' kind]. It's just so evocative and you can really hear him telling a story. Mmm.

And I have so many posts I want to share [like my dad's visit] but I'm in back on the Stress Express chugging towards deadline county so we shall see...



Megan said...

So cute! I think you're awesome.

I smell some creative times next year :)


Kelly's Korner said...

I love the embroidery! I have that same relationship with it. Small projects are great for short attention spans! (and by that I mean my attention span is really short!) that will be a lovely quilt full of memories!

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