Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sweet Mother of Popcorn

Recently I've been making this super easy snack in huge massive batches because it stores forever and, well ... because it's homemade sweet popcorn. Does there really need to be an explanation?? It saddens me that people pay for this stuff when they could make it from scratch so easily and for so much less! [I am not being condescending, i used to also buy microwave popcorn til I realized how easy it was to pop on the stove!] A kilo bag of corn is dirt cheap, people.

Anyways, for 200 g (about two small handfuls) of unpopped popping corn [kernels], you'll need: 
* Three teaspoons brown sugar
* One teaspoon white/cane sugar
* One teaspoon cinnamon
* Three teaspoons(ish) unsalted butter
[* Teaspoon water]

Heat three tablespoons oil on high heat in a large pan and add in kernels. Cover your pan with a lid unless you want to lose an eye!

While corn pops, melt butter til it's liquidy but not bubbling and stir in ingredients. The brown sugar might make it a bit lumpy; if this is the case crush it with a spoon and mix in the water to make a more syrupy consistency. Once the majority of the corn is popped, transfer it to a container with a lid, drizzle the sugar syrup evenly across the popcorn, close the lid and shake shake shake it like a polaroid picture! You know what to doooOOOoooo...*

I only eat it in these tiny rammekin bowls -- not so I can control my portion sizes (let's be honest here...) but so I at least get some exercise during my frequent runs back to the kitchen for more. :)


*I leave you with an oldie but a goodie...


Anonymous said...

This looks incredible! Make me some next time! :) :)


Jennifer said...

i might have to try that!

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